Monday, December 22, 2008

The Winter Freeze in Oregon

Ok you know the song "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow" well I am singing "Let it Stop, Let it Stop, Let it Stop" I enjoyed it for the first 2 days but it has been almost two weeks of bad winter weather and here in Oregon we are not equiped to deal with this weather especially for a long amount of time! I have been stuck in my house the whole time and it is not that I dont want to leave but our vehicle is not capable of getting around in this weather. Lets just say I am for sure going crazy!!!! We still have Christmas shopping to do and the weather is not sopposed to get better until after Christmas! Does anyone have any ideas!!! There is only so much cleaning one person can do!

This is right out our backdoor. That is our picnic table

Allie playing in the snow. She really enoys the snow as you can tell!

Echo does not enjoy the snow as much as Allie

Our car buried in the snow. We have bald tires, no chains and its not a 4x4. We are stuck!

The front of our house with our Christmas lights. At least we can say we will have a white Christmas!!

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Stacy said... much snow! Keep the pics of Addie coming. She is a doll! Love you lots!